Use case 01

Crowd Management

Reactive Web App
Geo-spatial Integration
Schedule & Publish
Smart Digital Signage System
To optimize crowd flow throughout the airport, we developed a reactive web app and iPad-compatible Signage Management System which manages sign boards at terminals. In emergency scenarios, such as the failure of an Automated People Mover, staff would have to be deployed at several points to redirect passengers. However what we have developed makes it possible to completely automate this procedure with AI.
Our system constantly ensures that human traffic is evenly distributed through all areas, through helping to divert visitors to take less crowded routes. We have also built in integration with the existing signage management process flow, further storing geo-spatial data of sign boards as well as minute photographic details. In addition, our system supports the real-time composition of signage content with associated schedules and handles publishing them to customized LCD display units.