Open and Proactive Culture

Innovation needs a culture of trust and openness to flourish. Using best practices in agile and scrum methodology, we have created an environment where sharing is encouraged on a daily basis. This level of honesty extends even to our clients, as we believe that pointing out and working to solve problems is an important aspect of professionalism. Constructive criticism is in our DNA, and ideas and inspiration flow freely (as does the beer!).

Constant & Creative Learning

We believe software development is a craft, and one that can only be elevated through a continuous cycle of learning and teaching. In this spirit, we organize weekly internal training sessions as well as host public training events such as bootcamps, technology nights, and deep dive workshops.

Work & Play Philosophy

We aim for all our employees to enjoy a peaceful work-life balance. We support them in the bad times, but also provide ample opportunities for good times. We host an exciting array of employee activities such as welcome lunches, celebratory dinners, parties and company trips.