Off-grid AI

Our Edge AI device can run completely off-the-grid if necessary, without having to be connected to a standard power network.

Project Detail


There is a common misconception that raw computing power takes up a lot of energy. This project aimed to demonstrate that despite the power of our device, it can run on sustainable power.

The Challenge

Hong Kong often features overcast weather with a lack of continued direct sunlight. This made our goal of utilizing solar power to run the EdgeAI device a technical challenge.

Our Accomplishment

The EdgeAI device was able to run constantly throughout the 3 consecutive days that we performed testing,  even though the level of sunlight was not constant. Using typical sources of renewable energy and an everyday external power source, our energy-efficient EdgeAI devices can still run and collect data as normal. We used an average solar panel and a layman’s power bank to create a system that could support our EdgeAI device.

What's next

We hope that future versions of our devices will be able to run entirely on renewable energy sources