Once upon a time, we were all beginners too. Sharing our knowledge to the general public is our way of promoting the study of artificial intelligence and piquing the interest of future generations in the field.

Project Detail


We were inspired to hold these bootcamps as we wanted to share our passion for computers and AI with those who might in turn take it as the inspiration to become the next generation of developers in this expanding industry.

The Challenge

It can be difficult to make an understanding of AI accessible to a wider audience, so we had to work on developing interesting projects that the public would enjoy and simplify these tasks so that they could be completed in under an hour.

Our Accomplishment

One of our last bootcamps attracted more than 100 registered attendees, which was a first for us.

What’s Next

We are looking forward to holding more regular talks on AI, both to university students and the wider public. Stay tuned!