We use AI
to make cities

Harness edge computing and perception-based AI to create and realize live analytics and machine learning predictions with unparalleled accuracy.
Smart People Flow
Waiting Time Indicator
Hong Kong’s busy public train system averages over 4 million passengers daily, often resulting in crowded stations and travel delays. How to provide passengers with an accurate estimate for how long they need to wait before getting on a train?

Crowd Management
Smart Digital Signage System
Hong Kong’s airport is passed through by 74 million passengers a year. Providing a safe and efficient environment for all requires optimal crowd flow. How to ensure each traveller enjoys a smooth journey through one of the busiest airports in the world?

Physical Security
Trespasser Detection
Current intrusion detection technologies often get easily confused by objects resembling human features, and fail to adapt quickly to environmental changes. How to minimize false positives and ensure seamless protection for assets?

Perception-based AI has an endless array of possible applications that can supercharge your business.
Our EdgeAI system processes our AI algorithms locally on specialised hardware, allowing for a wide range of optimisation processes across different industries.
Our algorithm allows for an unparalleled ease of integration.
To learn more, check out our Development Documents page. Our development team would love to hear more feedback from you.
As the capabilities of software algorithms and hardware components continually evolve, perception-based AI will have an exponentially larger impact on everyday life.


Be used to spot biological abnormalities such as cancerous bodies.


Looking out for suspicious behavior and potentially dangerous objects.


Streamline inspection and reduce defects in assembly.


Leading us into a self-driving automobile future.


Analyzing crop yield and protect from external threats.


Remove the need for human analysis of important documentation.

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